Pump the Juice [EP]

by Pump the Juice

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Our first EP is here! Enjoy everybody! It's free to download if you choose, just enter 0 for the amount you'd like to pay


released October 8, 2012

Elazar Abraham: Vocals, Guitar
Tyler Madell: Vocals, Piano, Organ
Joey Mason: Vocals, Drums

Produced by Andy Casella and Juan Catucci
Recorded at Stonehouse Recording



all rights reserved


Pump the Juice Harrison, New York

Three guys with instruments.

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Track Name: Hobo Blues
Telephone me when your lights go out,
I'm not flipping your shoddy fuse
You don't let me breathe when you inquire,
You just go on questioning...
Where have you been?
Who have you fucked?
How many ways are you giving me up?

Hey mama don't call me out,
When I leave your little girl.
She aint no love that I ever had,
I'm a busy man and I had enough.
I'll hop on a train,
Cruise along,
No longer will I answer you

So long now eastern shore,
I can't stand your shit no more,
No more jobs no money to make,
Where does a cat go when he's mothah-fuckin' poor?
Track Name: Lame Deer
I'm leaving, gonna end up on the road.
My possessions will be left in a box called home.
And all of me is taken away,
No longer am I a slave to each passing day.

I'm going for a bicycle ride through the countryside.
With the wind in my hair and the mountains all in line,
No longer will I have to worry about the daily breath,
And my only rest comes when I lie down to bed.

Wide open plains stretch towards the horizon.
Cows patrol the endless highway fences.
Rays of light dissect the purple sky,
And the fire in my mind is living again.

I'm where the brown turns to green and flowers cover Indian grains.
People drive their RVs up and down roads, asphalt paved.
Fire prolongs the setting sun, and the preacher puts out the flames.
And the gas station man turns his head at the smoke,
That's rising,
Track Name: The Man in White
It must be long ago,
But it feels like yesterday
When they took me from my home
And placed me here to stay.

Shadows cast long along the ridge,
Footsteps on the bridge
Remind me of a fairer time,
When my mind could dance and play.

Through the fields we would spin and dance
Deep in some ancient trance
With my feet off the ground
My mind toured the expanse

They came by night, as they always do
Promising a flight, and something new
I’ll play the fiddle, I’ll sing the blues,
I signed away all that’s true

Crossed an ocean, wide and deep
On the way I could barely sleep,
My mind twirled round and round,
Thoughts of nothing but the ground

Where’s my sky?
I lost my mind.
I’ll soar again
Some sunny day.

Touched down early, arrived there late
They gave me shackles, made me wait,
To cut my hair, make it clear
I had sealed my fate

Behind a thin glass wall I stare,
I see them all standing there,
As they walk by I realize,
I’m the cause of their staring eyes.

The wicked look, they walk free
The jailor turns the key
The people want something to see
That’s why they keep me.
Track Name: The Show Must Go On
It was never so hard to justify a wrong
Make myself believe I was right all along
It was never so hard to lie through my teeth
Avert the blame, avoid the grief.
It was never so hard to get my way,
Control the players,
Know what to say.

Every night I dream of a mystical cleanse
That'll burn misfortune, tie up loose ends.
Every night I dream, and every morning I rise,
Soul left my body,
Fire in my eyes.

Now I've reached my peak,
Two hours to dawn.
I need to get out,
The show must go on.

Lights out.
The show must go on.
Start the car.
The show must go on.
Fill the gas.
The show must go on.
Park out back.
The show must go on.
Smash a window.
The show must go on.
Douse the walls.
The show must go on.
Douse the floors.
The show must go on.
Douse the doors.
The show must go...
Lights on.
Track Name: The View
Sitting alone I press my ear to the phone,
To hear what you have to say,
And it's a sunny, sunny day.

Wired for more I make my way to the store,
To blow my last pay day,
And it's a sunny, sunny day.

Wearing my mask I go about my task,
I'll do what you have to say,
And it's a sunny, sunny day.

The clouds roll slow above the fields,
Within me and without.
To the flow my body yields,
Released with a shout.

No more can they keep me in,
A prisoner of ideals.
Promised everyone a win,
While your time they steal.

Gone are the days of the endless haze,
The veil of possibilities has been raised,
Revealing all the same.

Anesthetized by the size of your lies,
I'll turn off the tube and I'll don my disguise for you,
To show my love is true.

A break from the grind all that's on my mind,
A day away from the possibilities,
I swear they're crushing me.

The clouds roll slow above the fields,
Within me and without.
To the flow my body yields,
Released with a shout.

Given the chance to start again,
I'd make the world my way.
It'd be similar,
but we'd enjoy this sunny, sunny day.

The possibilities are gone,
Replaced with a choice:
Continue on this hallowed path,
Or stop to enjoy the view.